100 Drawings [100 tegninger]



The work "100 Drawings" consists of 107 pencil drawings made on A3 paper by the Danish artists Niels Bonde, Kim Borreby, Mogens Jacobsen, Martin Pingel, Nikolaj Recke and Morten Schjødt. The drawings are hand drawn copies of random pages taken from the Artnode site, and the work was first exhibited at the Charlottenborg Autumn Exhibition 1998. Since then the artists were awarded a grant (Vekselerer Villiam H. Michaelsens legat for unge tegnere) from Statens Museum for Kunst (The Danish National Gallery) and the work went on exhibition at the museum from April through August 1999. The work was later accuired by the museum.

Photos from the exhibition of "100 Drawings".

Article by Anders Michelsen: Artnode: "100 Drawings" [på dansk]

Now Artnode has brought the drawings back on the net from where they all originated. See the slide show of the work "100 Drawings".


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