Artnode people

The current board.

Jacob Lillemose.
Critic and editor of publications. Ph.D. researcher at the Institute for Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen

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Jacob Lillemose
Nikolaj Recke.
Artist. Has exhibited at Louisiana, Denmark, Melbourne Biennal and ICC in Tokyo. Editor of our videosection "artPod".

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Nikolaj Recke
Mogens Jacobsen.
Media Sculptur. Has exhibited extensively around the world including Ars Electronica, FILE, Japan Media Arts and the ZKM.

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Mogens Jacobsen
Martin Pingel.
Artist, Master of Fine Arts. Design and Marketing Manager at Post Danmark A/S

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Martin Pingel
Niels Bonde.
Artist and lecturer at Malmø Art Academy. He has exhibited at MIT List Visual Arts Center, Stedelijk Museum and the Biennal in Buenos Aires.

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Niels Bonde
Kim Borreby.
Artist and neuropsychologist, holds a BA and a MSc in psychology from the University of Copenhagen. Before moving into the field of neuropsychology he lectured at design schools and universities and worked several years as a design consultant.

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Kim Borreby
Morten Schjødt.
Artist, film director and digital designer. Co-founder of Oncotype who works with interactive film, webprojects etc. Director of the interactive movie "Switching". Has exhibited at "Beyond the Screen" ISEA Paris, FILE Sao Paulo and Ars Electronica.

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Morten Schjødt
Former members.
Christian Heide. Co-founder and boardmember 1995-1997.

Peter Fjeldberg. Boardmember 2002-2004.
Composer and artist.

Jesper Nymark. Member 2001-2002.
CEO of The Copenhagen Post, cultural entrepreneur and consultant.