Art as Information Tool. The Aesthetics of Critical Engagement in Contemporary Software Culture.

Jacob Lillemose, PhD Dissertation, Institute for Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen, November 2010.


Links to artistic works and practices (in no particular order)


rastasoft (2003-) by jaromil
thwonk (2008) by Jonah Brucker-Cohen
BumpList: An Email Community for the Determined (2003) by Jonah Brucker-Cohen
TOYWAR (1998-2000) by etoy
Notepad Minus (2004) by unknown
The Web Stalker (1997) by i/o/d
riot (1998) by Mark Napier
Shredder (1998) by Mark Napier
Babel (2001) by Simon Biggs
Super Villanizer (1998) by LAN
Tracenoizer (1999) by LAN
Auto-Illustrator (2003) by Signwave (2000) by UBERMORGEN.COM
ZNC browser (2002) by Peter Luining
Webtracer (2001) by nullpointer
Natural Selection (1998) by Mongrel
Linker (1999) by Mongrel
BURN (2000) by Kingdom of Pirarcy
Burn Station (2003-) by platoniq
reamweaver (2000) by RTMark
dyne:bolic (2001) by jaromil
Xanadu (1970-) by Ted Nelson
X-Devian (2003-) by Daniel Garcia Andujar/TTTP
free radio linux (2002-2004) by radioqualia
WRONG Browser (2001) by jodi
flexplorer (2003) by erational
plugins_revised (2004) by Peter Luining
downJones [sendMail] (2002) by [epidemic]
life_sharing (2000-2003) by 0100101110101101.ORG
Net Art Generator (2003-) by Cornelia Sollfrank
noiser (2005) by ixi
Suicide Letter Wizard for Microsoft Word (2000) by Olga Goriunova
Anti-Capitalist Operating System (2003) by TWCDC
Time Based Text (2007-) by jaromil (w. jodi)
Nine (9) by Mongrel
CueJack (2002) by Cue P. Doll
RSG Carnivore (2001) by Radical Software Group
Bork (2003) by Opera
Injunction Generator (2003) by IPNIC/UBERMORGEN.COM
Anti-Mafia (2002) by [epidemic]
Floodnet (1998) by Carmin Karasic and Brett Stalbaum
The Generator Tetralogy (2001-2009) by UBERMORGEN.COM
CarnivoreWatch (2001)
Minds of Concern::Breaking News (2002) by Knowbotic Research
HasciiCam (2000) by jaromil (2003-) (2001) by 0100101110101101.ORG (w. [epidemic])
Interfaces (Word) (2008) by Jacob Nielsen
Interfaces (Paint) (2008) by Jacob Nielsen
ixiQuarks (2008) by ixi
Netomat (1999) by Maciej Wisniewski
<earshot> (1999) by Andu Freeman and Jason Skeet (1998-) by Amy Alexander
The Yes Men (2001-) by The Yes Men (1999-) by Steve Hise
Re-reading the News (2002) by Myron Turner

OpusCommons (2002-) by Raqs Media Collective

reconnoitre (1997-1999) by Corby and Baily
Slicer (2007) by ixi
TextFM (2002) by Matthew Fuller and Graham Harwood (2003-)
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