Myron Krueger interview

  In 1969, Myron Krueger created artworks that responded to the movement and gesture of the viewer through a system of sensing floors, graphic tables, and video cameras.
At the heart of Krueger's contribution to interactive computer art was the notion of the artist as a "composer" of intelligent, real-time computer-mediated spaces, or "responsive environments," as he called them.

Krueger "composed" environments, such as Videoplace (1970), in which the computer responded to the gestures of the audience by interpreting, and even anticipating, their actions. Audience members could "touch" each other's video-generated silhouettes, as well as manipulate the odd, playful assortment of graphical objects and animated organisms that appeared on the screen, imbued with the presence of artificial life.

In 1999 Danish journalist Henrik Föhns made a 25 minutes interview with Myron Krueger.
The strange noises you will hear during the interview originate from the Videoplace installation.

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